Production and assembly of suspended balconies

První železářská společnost Kladno, s.r.o. offers a key-ready delivery of suspended balconies:

  • The floor consists of a closed rectangular profile 120×60×6, reinforced with three profile bars 40×40×3. A3-mm thick floor plate is placed on the frame.
  • Side plates are made of the 40×40×3 profile, the upper connection part of the railing is made of 60×40×3 profile
  • The filler panel is made of 1-mm galvanized trapezoidal sheet metal.
  • 25x6 carrying beams are welded diagonally on the side plates and serve as lifting lugs as well.
  • The used steel is of EN S235JRG2 quality (a corresponding ČSN 11375 standard).
  • The whole structure is galvanized – 25-year no-staining guarantee

Design of suspended balconies:

  • A design of the balcony attested by an authorised expert in statics and dynamics of buildings
  • Complete fabrication of balconies in the company’s production premises
  • Suspension of the balconies tested by a loading test
  • Disassembly, removal of the present balconies and complete assembly of new balconies
  • Disposal and liquidation of old balconies