První železářská společnost Kladno References

References from steel-making industry:

Pilsen Steel s. r. o. (Škoda Plzeň)

  • delivery of a complete suction and filtration plant for EAF No. 5, incl. the filter (primary and secondary exhaustion, incl. the roof deck) 600 000 m3/h
  • EAF and water management components, ladles
  • complete EAF No. 2 modernisation (new transformer, complete low-voltage layout, Cu-current-conducting arms; water-cooled afterburning centre and primary exhaustion pipeline)
  • electrode clamps
  • water-cooled EAF roofs, semi-shells and hearths

Kovobrasiv Mníšek, spol. s r.o.

  • EAF reconstruction (adjustment of EAF arms, electrode clamps, low-voltage layout, transformer, automated management system)

Železárny Hrádek a. s.

  • suction and filtration piping for EAF and LF primary and secondary exhaustion pipeline
  • complete modernisation of EAF No. 3 (current-conducting arms, low-voltage layout)
  • new power distribution and AMS, water management) suction and filtration piping for EAF and LF primary and secondary exhaustion pipeline
  • complete modernization of EAF No. 1 (transformer, AMS and hydraulics, power distribution, Cu-current-conducting arms, low-voltage layout, new portal including columns and distribution systems, water management)
  • complete reconstruction of heating and annealing furnaces
  • EAF water-cooled roofs
  • LF water-cooled roofs
  • EAF and LF components
  • EAF clamps

POLDI Hütte s.r.o.

  • delivery of a complete ladle furnace, incl. primary exhaustion
  • delivery of complete annealing and heating furnaces
  • comprehensive modernization of a 30t EAF - G (low voltage layout, Cu-current conducting arms)
  • water-cooled roof, power distribution, part of the piping including the after-burning chambers)
  • delivery of a complete LF alloy additives storage tank, incl. AMS
  • delivery of complete equipment for alloy additives through the fifth EAF hole, including storage tanks, weighing system, AMS and introducing alloy additives in the metal stream during tapping.
  • ladles, ladle cars, furnace components
  • LF and EAF water-cooled roofs
  • exhaustion and filtration pipeline for primary exhaustion
  • overhaul and reconstruction of the vacuum furnace’s vacuuming device
  • • complete reconstruction of the EAF water management system
  • EAF and LF Cu-current conducting arms
  • EAF and LF electrode clamps
  • vacuum-furnace caisson and roof
  • scrap baskets
  • clamps 3,5t, 15t, 30t, 55t and 60t; manipulation beams up to 60 t

Žďas a. s.

  • water-cooled LF roof
  • reconstruction of secondary EAF exhaustion, incl. delivery of new exhausters

Vítkovice Výzkum s. r. o.

  • vacuum and pressure induction furnace, incl. caisson

Vítkovice a. s.

  • VD and LF ladle cars
  • water-cooled EAF components

Železiarne Podbřezová a. s.

  • water-cooled roofs for heating furnaces
  • water-cooled EAF components and panels

ŽDB GROUP a. s. Bohumín

  • modernization of EAF No. 2 (water-cooled roof, after-burning furnace)
  • water-cooled and non-cooled direct exhaustion pipeline

Vöest Alpine AG - vodou chlazená víka EOP a LF

  • ladles
  • water-cooled components
  • ladle furnace components
  • EAF components
  • electrode clamps

Siemens VAI Metalls Technologies GmbH

  • EAF and LF direct and indirect exhaustion pipeline
  • EAF and LF water-cooled roofs
  • ladle furnace components
  • EAF components
  • ladles (up to 160t)
  • ladle cars
  • scrap baskets (up to 85m3)
  • water-cooled furnace and exhaustion components (copper panels)
  • caissons
  • vacuum roofs
  • EAF and LF columns and portals
  • EAF and LF electrode clamps

VAI Technometal GmbH

  • fans
  • vacuum roofs
  • separators
  • LF portals, leading wheels, columns and rails

SMS Demag AG

pressure vessels, large tanks

BK Services GmbH

  • scrap baskets
  • water-cooled EAF roofs
  • EAF and LF electrode clamps

References from mining industry:

INCO engineering s.r.o.

  • 1 ÷ 4 deck cages
  • skips
  • skip buckets with a capacity of 8 ÷ 55 tun
  • cable wheels
  • charging and discharging skip stations
  • mine hoists

References from mining industry:

ILD CZ s. r. o.

  • Column, ø2m, height 40m
  • bulk substances tank (silo) up to 230m3
  • discharger
  • rail track
  • manipulation cart

BIHL Anlagen & Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

  • NH3 separator

Consarc Engineering Ltd

  • high-vacuum separating pipeline
  • charging chamber
  • various types of vacuum chambers for induction furnaces
  • deoilers

Metal Trade Comax

  • painting room steel structure
  • reconstruction of a painting line
  • deflector roll
  • guiding rails
  • runways
  • production and assembly of a platform beneath the drier fans
  • production and assembly of a structure for painting chamber ancillary cranes

Nordex Energy GmbH

  • Steel construction - support of generator (wind turbine)

Siemens AG, Duisburg

  • Piping parts 

Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG

  • Convertor vessel
  • Ladles

TM Jesenice servis s. r. o.

  • Bandsaws

SULTRADE Praha s.r.o.

  • Stator
  • basket

Hydac spol. s r.o.

  • base frames
  • storange basets

Siemens s. r. o.

  • emergency water container 35m3, 60m3, 65m3
  • ladle car (for a ladle 240t)


  • container for transformator 40MVA Leňany
  • container for transformator 61MVA Saudi Arabia
  • container for transformator 3 x 6,3 MVA Polarnaja
  • container for transformator 10 MVA Polarnaja
  • container for transformator 2x 350MVA Voĺa


  • prparations for hardening of special steels

Strojírny POLDI s.r.o.

  • production of vessel for hardening in salt baths


CNC machining - custom production reference

Pfuderer Maschinenbau GmbH:


  • precision machining and drilling plates (spannergap from 1396 within 3600)



  • CNC machining large series Kastenausleger, Quaertraeger

  • Cutting frames the bodies of industrial vehicles

  • Production of welding products, annealing



  • CNC cutting frames tram 

SCHNEEBERGER Mineralgusstechnik s.r.o.:

  • Complete production of a casting materiál - mineralgus


  • Remanufacturing table of vibrating table

Schäfer - Menk s. r. o.:


  • CNC machining equipment for mines

  • revolving of cranes

  • Frames of cranes



  • Production of products for aviation – Let Kunovice

ČKD Mobilní Jeřáby a. s.:


  • Machining revolving frames of cranes

Harding Safety Czech s. r. o.:


  • Machining a tower of cranes of rescue systems for shipbuilding



  • Complete production eqipment into the metallurgical production operations research
  • VIP 500 kg crucible,  50 kg crucible

  • Hydraulic forging press  2500 t

  • Combined rolling mill, warm DUO, cold KVARTO

  • Straightener cold sheet into the 22 mm

  • Belt sander for the surface treatment of sheets after hot rolling

První železářská společnost Kladno, s.r.o. - own production:

  • Manufacturing and machining crossbar for machining portal UP 4000 VFM

Železniční dodavatelská s. r. o.:


  • Production of cooling frames and expansion tanks for locomotive T740, T742, T770. Material STAINLESS AND black steel.

TM Jesenice spol. s r. o.:


  • Production of parts for all types of saws, incl. working

Castor Prollux:

  • Production of storage double-wall tanks volume of 200 m3