První železářská společnost Kladno

První železářská společnost Kladno, s. r. o. was founded in June 1996 as a machining company picking up on the tradition of the railway maintenance works of Poldi Transport. The company’s registered capital totals to CZK 56 million. It has 110 employees and operates in its own production premises covering an area of 8,250 m2 in Kladno. The site is accessible by roads and it is served by rail siding. The company also owns a rail transfer station and stock premises on adjacent lots. The hall clearance limit is 8 x 8 m. The company supplies complete plants namely for steel-making and mining industries, it produces steel structures and tailor-made precise CNC machining. It ensures design and production documentation, production, assembly, erection and subsequent maintenance of installed equipment.

The company’s main business activities

  • designing and engineering
  • welded, machined manufactures and structures up to the weight of 50 t.
  • industrial welded and assembled plants and equipment, production and assembly of industrial steel structures.
  • production of pipelines, rolling up to the diameter of 5.5 m, length of 30 m and thickness of 60 mm
  • production of specific components
  • production for mining and steel-making industries – furnaces, caissons, vacuum furnaces and systems, ladles, scrap baskets, portals and lifting columns, water-cooled exhaustion pipeline, ladle roofs, special tailor-made components
  • production of pressure vessels, air receivers, LPG tanks, tanks, heat exchangers and pressure components up to the diameter 3 m, length up to 30 m and shell wall thickness up to 60 mm
  • manufacturing for mining industry – hoisting cages, skip buckets, special components, drums, gripping mechanisms, pneumatic lugs and components, folder bridges
  • production for marine industry – pressure vessels, heat exchangers, cooling components, tanks; steel components, frames, lifting equipment, cranes, ship emergency system shells and beams, drums, coiling machinery
  • production of vessels and LPG tanks, production of semitrailers and superstructures, assembly of tanks upon frames, production of chassis frames and bodies, production of bodies, heavy chassis frames and special superstructures and components, production of special vehicles and containers
  • production for rail industry
  • production of vessels and tanks, cooling frames, spare parts and components, repairs
  • production for power industry
  • production of generator frames, stators, rotors, wind-power plants, convertors
  • sewage plant components and equipment
  • assembly of structures and equipment
  • precise, complicated, large work-pieces and weld-pieces
  • machining on horizontal drilling machines and a portal machining centre
  • shot blasting and paining of large pieces
  • special tailor-made production lines, including hydraulics and drivers